SpatFree 303


SpatFree® 303 - Anti Spatter Liquid

SpatFree® 303 Anti-Spatter is a silicone and solvent-free solution that provides high-performance protection from unwanted spatter. The formula is non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-hazardous and readily biodegradable. It rinses clean for painting and plating.

  • Protects welding equipment and work surfaces from unwanted spatter
  • High performance spatter release solution specially formulated for the welding industry
  • Rinses residue free for use prior to plating or painting
  • Safe for painted and plated metals, aluminum, steel and other metal surfaces
  • Suitable for ISO 14000 organizations. Suitable for laser cutting

SpatFree® 303 Anti-Spatter is a solvent-free spatter release solution, formulated specifically for the welding industry. The formula is safe for use on aluminum and steel nozzles, diffusers, tips and other surfaces adjacent to welding.

  • Keeps nozzles, diffusers, tips and shrouds clear of spatter build-up
  • Helps maintain optimum equipment performance and lifespan
  • Prevents weld spatter from sticking to tables, jigs and other metal work surfaces
  • Apply to surfaces adjacent to welds to prevent unwanted spatter impact
  • Protects vices, pliers and other tools from damage
  • Use in place of scraping, grinding and other potentially dangerous and damaging spatter control methods
  • Ideal for use in automotive, manufacturing, engineering, utilities, transportation, architectural, construction, government, and military industries

SpatFree® 303 can be applied on ANY METAL AND FOR ANY TYPE OF WELDING

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