VK® Jelly Pickling Paste / Pickling Gel

Pickling Passivation Paste Pickling Gel Pickling Paste VK JELLY

VK Jelly ® ( Pickling Gel / Pickling Paste form ) which is used to clean weld seams and surrounding areas and is applied with brush. VK JELLY is used to remove heavy scales, discolouration, annealing colours, rust particles near weld and welding affected area by heat without grinding or wire brushing or buffing.

Coverage : Approx. 100 meters of running weld seam / kg of VK Jelly

VK Jelly does not give Black or Yellow stain marks on surface after washing with water.

Application Steps :

  1. VK Jelly is applied on weld seam & surrounding areas with a nylon bristled plastic brush.
    Application Temp. = between 5 – 40 deg. C

  3. Keep VK Jelly for 5 to 30 minutes (contact time) depending on contamination, temperature & grade of Stainless Steel.

  5. Use pressurised water jet spray OR wipe the weld seam lightly with plastic brush & wash with water thoroughly.

VK products are Tested & Approved by IIT Bombay under ASTM A380 / A967 standards

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