GreenWonder 80 & 160



New in Industrial Degreasing, Cleaning and Rust Protection / Anti Rust

Green Degreaser, Cleaner and Rust Prevention / Rust Protection / Anti Rust

  • Aqueous & has water pH
  • Ecofriendly – No Ozone Depletors
  • Replaces Trichloroethylene TCE, Perchloroethylene PCE , Carbon Tetrachloride CTC etc. Hazardous solvents
  • Removes wide range of cutting, stamping,quenching, lubricating oils, grease, buffing compound Used for Steel, Aluminium Brass, Copper, Nickel, Tin, Stainless Steel etc. many metals and non-metals
  • Prevents corrosion / rust
  • Very high soil loading capacity
  • Used in Immersion, Ultrasonic, Spray-in-air or spray-under-immersion and Hand Wipe application method

Use :

GreenWonder is supplied in liquid concentrate from. For using it, dilute with water from 1% concentration , depending on contamination type and quantity. Preferred operating temperature is 25-35 Deg. C. Application contact time depends on temperature, contamination & method of application.

Special Features :

  1. It is used to replace hazardous & toxic materials like Trichloroethylene (TCE), Perchloroethylene (PCE), Carbon Tetrachloride (CTC), Acetone and other caustic cleaners.
  2. It prevents corrosion / tarnish.
  3. It removes finger marks
  4. It removes organic haze from Glass

GreenWonder 80 & 160

Sr. No. Item Uses
1. GreenWonder 80
( Waterless product ) ( Non Aqueous )
removes oil, grease, permanent marker pen writing, organic haze, finger mark etc.
2. GreenWonder 160
( Waterless product ) ( Non Aqueous )
removes oil , grease, permanent marker pen writing, organic haze, finger mark etc. & gives temporary rust protection
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