SpatFree Nozzle Gel


SpatFree® – Nozzle Gel Anti Spatter

Prevents Welding Spatter Adhering to Sensitive Welding Components like Nozzle and Torch

SpatFree – Nozzle Gel is a new product that is specially meant for application on welding nozzles and improvement of life span of welding nozzles. SpatFree – Nozzle Gel is suitable for use on fixtures of MIG, semi automatic & automatic etc. Welding equipment.

Features :

  1. Non Toxic
  2. Non Flammable
  3. Odorless
  4. Silicon Free
  5. Does not cause porosity

Application Procedure :

SpatFree – Nozzle Gel creates an Anti-Spatter film on welding gun nozzles. Cool the Nozzle gun and remove the impurities. Remove spatters around the contact tip and inside the nozzle.

  • Dip gun nozzle in to SpatFree Nozzle Gel and start work operations.
  • Brush onto positioners and fixtures. Avoid build up of SpatFree Nozzle Gel in the diffuser by storing the torch in a downward direction when not in use.

Packing : 300 gm bottle and 4 kg jar

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